Hello kids!
 We are in October and on a few days we will celebrated Halloween! Isn´t it excited? 
Here you some information about this important celebration. 
At this web page you will find games, recipes and another "scary things" that will leave you shaking... Muuu ahhhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhhh

 And now here you are
some ideas to celebrate Halloween at home or with your friends!

HELLO LITTLE WIZARS...HALLOWEEN IS HERE....At school everything looks SCARYYYYYY......
Here you are some pics of Halloween decoration made by students and teachers.

These wall charts were made by 1st and 3rd cycle English students

Pupils from 3rd and 4th have done magic spells and they wanted to share them with the rest of the pupils. Let´s see if tonight the magic works...

Infant and 1st cycle teacher have decorated the main floor hall  in a great and SCARYYY way.  Whoaaa, it´s fantastic!

Halloween pumpkins

Some "little witches" of 4th grade have made scaryyy spell books. They made up magics spells. They are awasome!!! Have a look!

Hello little monsters...Halloween has come to the school and some children brought some pumpkins to show, like Noa and Dani. here you are their scarrryyyyyyy pumpkins!

Moreover, in 3rd and 4th c

lassrooms we are making magic wands and learning magic spells to make the most of Halloween magic!

Have a look!

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