4th and 5th grade pupils Science recommendations to ask to Santa

Dear children of Quiroga Palacios school:

We have the pleasure to suggest you some interesting SCIENTIFIC TOYS OR THINGS to ask  to Santa or the Three Wise Men.

Things  that are related with Science are a big fun and moreover you can learn a lot with them!

Here you are some suggestions to ask to Santa or The three wise men:


  • Binoculars
  • Mangnifying glass
  • A globe
  • Science books
  • A pet
  • A plant
  • Coal (if you have been naughty...)
  • Microspcope
  • Experiment pack game
  • Triocefa DNA building game
  • Anatomy toy men
  • English dictionary
  • A scarf (coming from a natural fabric: wool)
  • Science  decorative wallcharts
  • Science DVDs
  • Stuff butterflies collection
  • A ticket to visit the Science museum of Santiago
Arent´t they nice?

We wish you a Merry Christmas

4th  and 5th grade pupils

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