Hello, hello children!

We have the pleasure to show you the fantastic pictures took on the the trip that 2º cycle courses made last  Tuesday.

We went to the Official Music house of Santiago, situated in the old neirghbourhood, and to the CGAC 
(Galician Modern  Arts Museum)

In spite of the weather, we really enjoyed this trip. 

At the Music house, we travelled around the world visiting different countries....We learnt some cool songs, we sung and dance...We did funny perfomance on stage... And moreover, we also learnt about the naturem animals and plants of this countries!

How cool to listen onlive the musicians playing these catchy songs!



Then, we went to the CGAC to enjoy an amazing display of  androids (robots). They were made with recycling materials such as cans, wires, kettle parts...

Here you are the 3rd grade classroom

Androids made with technological material of an old TV!

A HUGE  spider! 


Helicopter flying away!!!

A scary bat!

We behaved very well when visiting the exposition!

On the next days you will have some news about a contest to make androids at home... So check out the  blog from time to time, right?

Bye-bye little androids!!!

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