The other day 3rd grade students went to an enjoyable school trip!

Both 3rd grade A and 3rd grade B visited to Manuel Rivas, the famous galician writer and reporter, in Santiago de Compostela.

The writer introduced himself to children and  he decided to read his book "O RAPOSO E A MESTRA" in a very funny way...

Well...the thing is that he did a performance about the story with music!

As children had already studied  the tale at the level of the classroom, they knew very well the plot, so they relaxed and enjoyed A LOT!

Thanks to Manuel Rivas and the other player for the fantastic morning!

Here you are some pictures about it!

 Here it is the writer reading the story

Here they are playing  some instruments!

Mister Rivas was very kind to us as he signed our books! 
Thank you Mr Rivas!

We highly recommend you Rivas´books...They are a big fun!

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