(Update article) THE SOLAR ECLIPSE

Last Friday everybody watched the solar eclipse. 

Such a great present for all daddies...celebrating the Father's Day! 

I decided to got to "Cidade da Cultura" to observe this  "Scientific" moment. 

Finally, I could use a pair of special glasses to watch the solar eclipse.

  •  What about you?
  •  Have you seen it?
  •  Where did you watch it?
  •  Which way did you use to protec   your eyes from the dangerous sunlight?

Please, let us know how cool your experience was by sending a mail telling us everything or even sending some pics!

Write to sciencequiroga@gmail.com
Meanwhile, enjoy the article that children composed on their notebooks about the solar eclipse!



In two days we will be living a very important moment in our lifes!

A solar eclipse will be produced  during  the morning. 

Galicia is the best place to watch this phenomena in Spain.

Where and when? 

We are very lucky but do you know what to do to wacht it in a safe way?

Here it is a list of options you may choose to protec your eyes from the dangerous effects on sun straight looking!

Safe ways to see the solar eclipse

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