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Hello children!

In 2nd and 5th grades we are studying different plants.

We are learning a lot about trees and fruits!

Some children have sent some pics of trees.

Here you are the photos. 

Would you know how to identify if the tree is a decidious one or evergreen tree?
Have a try!

Alvaro, from 2nd B, sent a selection of trees and a beautiful plant...
aren´t they beautiful?

Thanks Alvaro!

The camellia is a decorative flower. It

comes in several colours and flowers in the


This is a decidious tree!

What´s the name of this colorful plant? Have a guess!

This is a pine tree! It´s an evergreen tree

How beautiful the oak that Carlota, from 2ndA Grade, sent us!

These pics were sent by Laila, from 2nd B Grade.

Alberto, from 2nd A grade, sent us some photos of an  evergreen tree!

Here you are a beautiful plant that Pedro, from 5th grade B has at home!
Can you see the leaves and stem?

Lastly, here you are a photo of a real  skin of coconut that teacher Patri brought to the classroom!
It ´s from a tropical tree called coconut tree! 

Its skin is hard !

Do you know how to take the coconuts from the tree?Have a look to the AMAZING video, where you can see how people climb coconut trees to take a coconut.

Then he peels it and he offers it  to another person. 

Coconut´s milk is very healthy!


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