3rd A students explain Galician fishing art to parents!

Hello little fish: 

Today it was a special day at school. 

We are about to finish ...

Tomorrow we  are saying "bye" to the school  for 2 mothns. 

There were some celebrations this morning in our educative center. 

A lot of parents came to school to participate on them!

The Infant grades from 5 celebrated the end of their studies at Infant Education. 

Moreover, 6th grade classroom lived an unforgetable moment...They celebrated the end of their studies at Primary Education. 

All children participated on the commemoration act, reading beautiful things and saying ?¨´Thank you´ to all the teachers the support they received from them!

In 3rd grade A parents enjoyed a really interesting  meeting celebrated at the corridor, where som works about the fish arts made by pupils where on display.

These works on display were made not only by 3rd A, but also but 3rd B. 

Pupils read aloud about  Galician boats, fish and so on...parents were delighted!

Have a look to some pictures!


And tomorrow...don´t forget to bring your swimsuit...There´s a FOAM PARTY at school!

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