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Last Friday we celebrated the end of this wonderful academic course. 

We  have finished school!


To celebrate the begining of the summer holidays, we did a very special (and wet) party!

A foam party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Undoubtedly, it was really exciting, both for students nad the teachers too!

Maya, the English assistant, came to school to join us and she really had fun too!

Moreover, at the level of the classsroom, students organized private parties with snacks and soft drinks!

In 2nd B, Teacher Patry brought her guitar and there was a concert! 

She played megahits like  "Hello, hello song", "Chameleon", "We are the world", "Dinousar"...

Alberte and Daniela played some song too. 

How cool!

Here you are some pics about this wonderful morning, where everybody enjoyed with the foam, dancing the catchy songs that the Dj played  all morning long, like "Opa gangdam style"

Thank you to all  teachers team, who organized this event!

And...happy summer everyone!!!!

Hugs from all the teachers at Quiroga Palacios School!

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