Dear children...

Here it is the entry that you were waiting for... 
The farewell for Maya, our English assistant at school during this course!

After eight months teaching you a LOT of Science  and English, Maya had to leave us  last Thursday 26th of May,  and say goodbye to all the school community.

It was a real pleasure to have Maya among us this year, as she was really hard working and kind. 

She did beutiful presentations about Science facts and gave you a helping hand with your English!

We'll miss her a lot but don´t panic! 

Maya gave us her mail address so that you can communicate  with her via mail whenever you want!

How cool!!!!!!

Thanks Maya!

At school we gave her a beutiful present made by all all the school community: a FAREWELL BOOK with a message of everybody at school!

All students of Primary Education, teachers,  the head teacher, the deputy teacher, the secretary..even Rafael, the caretaker, had some words for Maya.

She was amazed  when she saw the book!

She really liked it and Maya said that it is THE GREAT PRESENT EVER

We gave her the book at the break time, at the staff room. 

Meanwhile, the teachers enjoyed a tasty cake that Maya brought to share with us! 
Thank you Maya; it was delicious!

Then, after the playground Maya went to each classsroom to thank you for the beautiful present and to say bye for the last time. 

It was a hard moment, not only for her, but also for all of you! 

She received some surprises by students; drawings, letters, presents...as the BYE-BYE MAYA song, performed by 2ndB pupils, the MAYA, YOU ARE BREAKING MY HEART song, performed by Alberte, a 2nd grade B student.

Hugo did some drawings before Maya came to the his classroom. He even drawed the USA flag!

Every student gave her a HUGE hug!
Here you are the 2nd B students!



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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR AN INCREDIBLE YEAR!!! I am going to miss you all so much, but I promise that I will visit and will keep in touch :) UN ABRAZO GIGANTE!