School trip: Granell´s Foundation and Galician Museun

Good morning everyone:

It looks that we are in high season for school trips. 

With the coming of Spring and better weather conditions, a lot os school trips are organized by the teachers.

Yesterday, 3rd grade students visited two interesting places  in Santiago.

First of all they were to the Galician People Museum.

 As our long term project at school is related to the sea, they made the most of this school trip to investigate and learn about the marine life in Galicia.

Overthere, they observed different thing related  to the sea. 

 For example , they saw  real size Galician boats (trainera and  dorna) at the traditionals boats Room.

Moreover, as the building is so important, they also were required to enjoy the different parts of the museum, as the stairs and the famous  cloiser.

Secondly,  they were to Granell´s foundation; a museum dedicated to the important galician painter EUGENIO GRANELL,  a referent of the surrealism corrent.

A guide told us about granell´s life, their works and moreover, we could enjoy another  authors´expositions, with works based on granell´s painting.

The Eugenio Granell Foundation was created in Santiago de Compostela in 1995. Eugenio Granell is a surrealist painter who was born in A Coruña (1912-2001 Madrid), and spent his childhood and youth in Santiago de Compostela.

Thumbs up for Sara Coleman with her amazing  collection, based on the surrealism, where a two kilometres long thread formed a awasome net on a salty floor. 

Besides art exhibits, the Foundation also offers theatre, workshops for students and diverse groups, chamber concerts, conferences, guided tours. With each exhibit the Foundation publishes a catalogue. The Foundation also owns a growing library principally dedicated to surrealism and the art of the 20th Century.

We participated in a workshop to experiment the surrealism. Look how beautiful our works are!

What a fine day!  

Thank you for taking us there teachers!

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