Hello children !


How was at the Ascensión party?

We are back to study but  these days are really exciting!  We are celebrating the GALICIAN LITERATURE DAY at school (as the official day was last Sunday 17th of  May)

We are going to show you some works that pupils made at school related to Figueira Valverde; the galician writer choosed to celebrate this important day on 2015.

They draw colourful portraits of the Galician Author, Figueira Valverde.

They created some poems related to the sea in Galician language.

They made a beautiful big book! You will see the results in a few days in the blog...

Moreover,  we offer you a gallery with photos about the celebration we did at school  on the playground area last Monday 18th of May.

The showmen and showwomen were 6th grade pupils. 
They did it very well!

Students read aloud some poems, sung galician typical songs and play some galician instruments.

Even they play the galician anthem  with the recorders!

We hope you enjoy a lot with all this beautiful entry. 

Happy Galician Literature day!

Thanks to teacher Olga for organizing some musical performaces and thank you too to all the teachers that were in charge of the celebration!

And of course. thank you to all our students, who did a fantastic job!

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