Hello boys and girls:

We received a really interesting visit today.

The biologic company CSIC sent two workers to give  two conferences at school about the crimson tyde, affecting the mussels.

Do you like mussels? YUMMY... but, did you know that we have to be careful with them?

Sometimes they are affected by the crimson tyde and become dangerous for your help. 

That´s why some laboratories in Galicia are in charge of the analysis of mussels before they arrive to the shops.

We learnt many things related to some toxines, both in the conference celebrated downstairs and the one on the library.

We were delighted about the information that the cientifics gave us.  Even we could listen to a song about some seefood. How cool!

Thank you very much to CSiC for visiting us!

That was very kind of you!

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